Shareholders Agreement

You may need Shareholders Agreements or Investment Agreements when a third party wishes to invest in your company. Sometimes, these agreements can also be appropriate where you and one or more founder entrepreneurs are setting up a company.

Shareholders Agreements and Investment Agreements are highly bespoke documents that can range from the very simple to the very complex.

A standard agreement might include clauses dealing with the sale of shares in the future and ‘veto’ items which prevent certain actions taking place without an agreed level of shareholder consent.

As a founder entrepreneur with a controlling shareholding you may well find that you can secure all the protection you need through your company’s Articles of Association.  This can save both time and money.  See our Articles of Association page for more information or take a look at the following fact sheets:

You will also find a simple template shareholders’ agreement for sale here.

Our standard Shareholders Agreements services:

  • Shareholders’ Agreements legal audit – from £500 plus VAT
  • Bespoke Shareholders’ Agreements drafting service – from £1,000 plus VAT

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